Welcome to my website! I am currently a fourth year medical student at Marshall University School of Medicine in Huntington, WV. I earned the BS (2008), MS (2010), and PhD (2013) degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, and am currently pursing a residency position in Orthopaedic Surgery. Please use the links to the left to navigate, or you can read more about me below.


I like to stay busy. I enjoy running, cycling, powerlifting, squash, Ultimate, snowboarding, and SCUBA diving. I love creating things with my hands; I've built wooden bridges and model viking boats, helped create formula race cars, designed and built a nanomanufacturing machine, and built a rolling contact metal knee prosthesis. I also played piano for 15 years as a kid and am trying to find the time to re-learn some of my old favorite pieces.


My research interests include orthopaedics, mechanical engineering, machine design, tribology, joint lubrication, and biomechanics.  My Doctoral thesis focused on design improvements for rolling contact joints to be used in prosthetics, with a foray into investigating how micro- and nano-textured coatings could be used to reduce friction and improve lubricity of the joint.


2014 Ironman Texas Adamants, BC (2009) Belize, 2011 Jewelry box for my wife. Precision Nanomanufacturing